Our plant is specialized in manufacturing of forgings. Modern engineering sets high requirements to the materials and blanks used. Despite the wide variety of modern technologies of metal processing, it is possible to provide the necessary characteristics of a number of products only by forging.

The main volume of production of our plant is the forgings made by free forging on the press and the Molotov equipment.

To obtain the necessary properties, forgings are amenable to preliminary and additional heat treatment.

Heat treatment of alloys and metals – a process consisting in changing their structure through heat treatment, without changing the chemical composition of the material. Heat treatment gives the metal new properties.

Heat treatment (heat treatment) of steel, alloys can be of the following types: annealing, normalization, hardening, tempering.


Heat treatment of metal, in which the metal is heated, and then slow cooling. This heat treatment (i.e. annealing) can be of different types (the type of annealing depends on the heating temperature, the cooling rate of the metal).



Heat treatment of steel and alloys, based on the recrystallization of steel (alloys) when heated to a temperature above the critical; after sufficient exposure at a critical temperature to complete the heat treatment should be rapidly cooled. Hardened steel (alloy) has a non-equilibrium structure, so another type of heat treatment is applicable — tempering.


Heat treatment of steel and alloys, carried out after quenching to reduce or remove residual stresses in steel and alloys, increasing viscosity, reducing the hardness and brittleness of the metal.


Heat treatment similar to annealing. The differences between these thermal treatments (normalization and annealing), is that during normalization the steel is cooled in air (during annealing — in the furnace).

Heat treatment can be accompanied by the following types of control at the request of the customer:

Chemical analysis;

Ultrasonic testing;

Surface quality;

Micro -Macro studies of metal;

Mechanical properties at high and low temperatures :

– yield strength;

– Tensile strength;

– Hardness;

– tests from -60 to 400 °C


The “‘Dnepr press Steel’” plant offers services in metal machining, cutting, production of non-standard details according to drawings of the customer.

Production capacities of the enterprise allow making practically all main operations on machining:

– lathe work;

– milling works;

– drilling;

– cutting;

– grinding.