About “Dnipropress steel” LLC

“Dnepropress Steel” Co.Ltd – a promising young company,
established on the basis of “ Dnepropress” factory, which was
founded in 1955 in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
“Dnepropress Steel” Co.Ltd brings together a team of highly
skilled professionals focused on providing a full range of
services regarding the production of forgings.
“Dnepropress Steel” Co.Ltd has a closed cycle of production of
forgings – from ingot melting to machining – and established
itself as a reliable and responsible supplier with an individual
approach to each customer.
The production of “Dnepropress Steel” Co.Ltd is consumed by
the world-famous companies and used in the energy,
petrochemical, nuclear power, shipbuilding, metallurgy,
machinebuilding industry and the general importance
The main purpose of “Dnepropress Steel” Co.Ltd is to preserve
the interests of partners and awless execution of

Production Structure